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Players Clause

No-Trade List

A No-Trade Clause (NTC) or No-Movement Clause (NMC) can be added to a player's contract in the years after they are eligible for Unrestricted Free Agency (27 years of age)

Player Name TeamClause Pos AgeContract
Connor McDavidEdmonton OilersNMCC21812,500,000$
Leon DraisaitlEdmonton OilersNMCC2278,500,000$
Tomas HertlNTCC2445,625,000$
Jack EichelBuffalo SabresNMCC2181,000,000$
Dylan LarkinDetroit Red WingsNTCC2256,100,000$
Matt DumbaMinnesota WildNTCD2456,000,000$
David PastrnakNTCRW2256,666,666$
Tom WilsonWashington CapitalsNTCRW2465,166,666$
Brady SkjeiNew York RangersNTCD2465,250,000$
Noah HanifinCarolina HurricanesNMCD2178,100,000$