Retained Salary Transactions

Active Retained Salary

No more than 50% of a player’s cap hit can be retained in a single transaction. A player can only have their salary retained twice on the same contract. Teams can only retain up to a maximum of three contracts per season. Additionally, the sum of the amount retained can be no higher than 15% of the Upper Limit Cap Hit

Retained By Player Date Percentage Retained Cap Hit End By
Brandon SaadJanuary 10, 201916%$1,000,0002020-2021
Niklas KronwallNovember 20, 201850%$2,375,0002018-2019
Marcus KrugerMay 3, 201810%$308,3332018-2019
Matt BeleskeyFebruary 25, 201850%$1,900,0002019-2020
Derick BrassardFebruary 23, 201840%$2,000,0002018-2019
Dion PhaneufFebruary 14, 201825%$1,750,0002020-2021
Jason DemersSeptember 17, 201712,5%$562,5002020-2021
Mike SmithJune 17, 201725%$1,416,6672018-2019
Phil KesselJuly 1, 201515%$1,200,0002021-2022
Roberto LuongoMarch 4, 201415%$800,0002021-2022